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My Bike while on staff @ Missouri Botanical Garden
Great Fun - English Woodland Garden-late 70's early 80's

upgrade / update your landscape and or get answers to your questions and concerns 
I'll help with Who, How to's, What if's, Why, When is Best Time
It's Simple to Schedule a Walk and Talk at Your Home
give a site visit / consultation--as a gift for someone or to yourself
First hour cost $160.00 ($185.00 if you live beyond HWY. 270-255) payable at end of hour-
Additional travel time / distance cost may be added depending upon your address-you will be notified of cost when Walk and Talk at your home is scheduled 
time over an hour broken into 15 minute segments ($25.00 per)-
Related to my services first 'Thanks for Asking', I strictly consult / advise (I'm no longer doing formal designs) and do not sell plants, installation services, or anything other than ideas which are built upon 40+ years experience, your homes archtecuture, setting, and your personal goals. I feel by only offering a ideas / plans / designs I truly focus on your goals, however I will have no qualms about saying that sounds great but, there may be a way with similar results and much less real and mental money spent.

Process we set up a time / date to meet at your home (week-ends filled sorry), any time between 9:00 and 5:00 (seasonal dependent) Monday thru Friday- We spend an hour walking, talking and focusing on area(s) of interest / concern, you can tape record, camcorder, take notes or just listen as I share thoughts, ideas and insight related to the list of your concerns or interests (i.e. screening view, planting butterfly garden, removal of aged / storm damaged plants, orientation of deck / patio, location of compost area, pruning shrubs, water garden placement, why won't grass grow, etc. )

Should you decide you would like to have a formal to scale drawing - initial site visit cost will be deducted from design fee. Designs (depending upon project size will be presented on either 11 x 17" or 24 x 36" paper) start at $500.00. Before I start designing I compose a design strategy letter to you based upon notes and sketches from our walk around, included in letter text will be design cost.  

If fee is agreeable I will then sit at a drafting table and formulate a formal to scale, hand drawn design, siting all aspects of plants, new pathways, decks, etc. in order to make your yard / landscape what you envisioned and truly what will realistically work given the setting, exposure, topography, care and maintenance time available, etc. After receiving drawing and having a chance to review plans contact me and we will then get together to discuss what was drawn, from this meeting if any revisions or changes are needed they will be done, I can supply a listing of qualified landscape contractors to bid on the design installation, if you like.

If you prefer to construct / install plant material yourself, I recommend purchasing materials and plants from building supplies, nurseries / garden centers that are open year round, they are staffed with people well versed in all ins and outs helping you avoid back sliding or making a mistake.

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Speaking Engagement-e-mail or call for specifics, cost and other related factors.

My Books: written with both Missouri and Southern Illinois in mind,available at many bookstores, garden centers and big box stores and several museum gift stores throughout metro area 

Missouri Gardener's Guide--pictures / info. about 165 plants 

Month by Month Gardening in Missouri--year round care of plants from annuals to water gardens


Insight into my life experiences which brought me here today, where I'm so lucky to be doing something I thoroughly enjoy. Since 1977 I've been professionally working in numerous aspects of the outdoors including; staff horticulturalist and teacher at MO. Botanical Garden, manager retail garden center, landscape consultant / designer, author, radio show host, co-founding predatory insect store. 

My garden pathway has included many things: 1969 joined Air Force and served 4 years with Strategic Air Command, discharged from March AFB Riverside Calif. 1973-San Diego State University, then onto UCSanta Barbara botany, horticulture, landscape design returned to St. Louis in 1977-joined MO. Botanical Garden with 4 years English Woodland Garden and 1 year tropicals and exotics in Climatron, Desert, and Mediterranean House complex at which time I obtained and still maintain Missouri State Pesticide Applicators license-Ornamental / Turf & Aquatic Environments, began teaching and continue to do so at MBG. 1982 moved onto retail garden center general manager (became MO. state certified nurseryman), I hired / trained staff, plant research / selection and promoted user friendly pest management. In 1986 became working partner in residential landscape consulting, planning and design, doing local and national seminars, co-founded predatory insect store, 1990's spent 8 years as a faculty member of Horticultural Department at St. Louis Community College at Meramec, participated in programs sponsored by Powell Gardens of Kansas City, MO. Dept. of Natural Resources, Landscape / Nurseryman’s Assoc. of Greater St. Louis, U. of IL. Extension.

I've authored garden / design related articles for regional newspapers, Fine Gardening magazine and my designs have been featured in various publications. In 1994 KMOX radio asked me to host a new show 'Garden Hotline' and I continure to share thoughts with listeners from across the region. 1998-grand mal epileptic seizure was starting point for Mike Miller Designs landscape consulting / planning and publication of my first book Missouri Gardeners Guide.  In 2000 wrote Missouri Gardener's Journal, 2005 revised Missouri Gardener’s Guide, and wrote Month by Month Gardening in Missouri. 2007, I provided gardeners in Kansas with a customized Month by Month Gardening in Kansas. I've participated on several advisory board panel including-Brightside St. Louis and Epilepsy Foundation of Greater St. Louis--Life is Great--As always -Enjoy  


Good Gardening--To each and everyone that stops by-I say to you the world of life and gardening is simply wonderfully wild and crazy